Korean Boyz Environment Friendly

Automobile scarp yards are good for the environment. The re-use of auto parts and the recycling process at the automatic scarp yards saves valuable energy and natural resources. By using salvageable used auto parts from accident damaged vehicles and processing of scrap metal from automobile scarp yards reduces thee global  greenhouse gas footprint. This positively alter climate change and global warming effects that impact our earth and its atmosphere . Automobile scrap yards nee to adopt this phenomenon and rightly take credit for it through advertising awareness.

For every ton of steel recycled , 1135kg of iron ore , 635kg of coal and 55kg of limestone are conserved . Industry statistics shoe that since 1997 , enough steel was recovered from scrap yard recycled cars and trucks to manufacture and assemble 18 million new cars. This recycling process preserves metals reserves as well as the energy required to produce refined steel.

it makes sense to re-use and fit used auto parts. Auto parts on late model vehicles have immense value. Scrap yards supply second hand parts that are now being re-used more often by panel beaters and vehicle repairs through insurance companies who have realised importance of this underlying process. They are applying more used auto spares to accident damaged vehicles daily. if you are looking for guaranteed good used spares , look no further!.

Support scarp yards. Re-use and Recycle . Consider our planet.

If we haven’t got it , we will get it , if we cant get it , it probably doesn’t exists.

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